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If you're new to our site you'll want to find out a little more about Perl and what's on our site. You'll also find informaton on how to install a script on your own. <more info>
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This is where you'll find tons of FREE Perl Code. You'll find all the powerful tools you need to help create your dream site. These scripts are ready to download and install. We have many types of scripts to choose from including banner advertising, email handling, forms, chat, auctions, guest books and much more. <more info>
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If you have questions or just want to learn more there's plenty of free information here. You'll find tutorials on both perl and cgi.<more info>
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Find out how you can add a great looking link to us on your site. Add a helpful Search Tool to your site. If you'd like to advertise on our site please contact us. <more info>
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